Project Sanergy Status Update:Sanergy Project

A project involvement with Heathfield & Waldron Rotary, and other Clubs within our district.

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Rotary providing safe sanitation to improve the lives of residents of the Mukuru informal settlement, Nairobi, Kenya

Introduction Peter Williams of Heathfield and Waldron Rotary Club made a recent visit (August 2018) to the Milimani Club of Nairobi and visited Sanergy, a Not For Profit organisation, to understand how to initiate and progress a Safe Sanitation project. The Rotary Clubs listed below have made a commitment to support a Foundation Global Grant Application, in order to help with the huge health benefits such a project might afford. This report will also be sent to other clubs who have expressed an interest in the project.

Summary This Rotary project was jointly established by the Heathfield & Waldron (UK) and the Nevers (France) Rotary Clubs as a joint initiative to help improve sanitation in the slum districts of Nairobi. There has been two stages of this project, firstly, enlisting support of other local Rotary clubs to commit to provide funds to enable us to apply for a Foundation Global Grant and secondly, to secure the support of a local Nairobi Rotary Club to be the Host Partner for the project.

To date, support from a total of four clubs has helped us to meet the minimum threshold for a Global Grant application of $30,000.

Following the visit to Nairobi in August 2018, the Milimani Rotary Club of Nairobi have agreed to be the Host Partner for the project under the leadership of their Projects Director, Beatrice Ombaka

Background to the Project

We are all aware of the sanitation challenges facing many communities around the world. Half the world’s population (4.1billion people) dispose of their untreated waste back into their own land, rivers and water table. Living in this toxic environment creates major health problems and allows disease to flourish. The purpose of this project is to raise funds to enable Sanergy to expand its operation in the informal settlement of Mukuru, Nairobi, Kenya, home to half a million people. Sanergy is a Not For Profit organisation that over the last six years has created and installed an innovative and award winning solution to this sanitation challenge in Mukuru. They make, instal and manage Fresh Life Toilets (FLTs) in the communities, collect the waste and then use it to make organic plant fertiliser and insect-based animal feed products. To date 1,800 FLTs are in operation and being used more than 54,000 times every day. In 2017, they safely removed 4,977 metric tons (mT) of waste and so far 2,262 mT in 2018, treated it and then put it safely to effective use. This waste would have otherwise been dumped untreated in the Nairobi river.

Objectives for the Project

Our objective is to collaborate with Sanergy, to expand the current scope of operation in the Mukuru district. Currently they serve a population of 72,000 people across the network of 1,800 FLT’s. The target is to expand the scope of the service to cover 200,000 people across 4,200 toilets by the end of 2020. An additional benefit to the community is the level of training, employment and health education that they provide as part of the operation.

We can support this expansion by contributing funds through a Foundation Global Grant to penetrate a new area in the District.

Fundraising To date, the following clubs have committed a total of over $9,000 to support the development of a Global Grant: Heathfield & Waldron (UK) Nevers (France) Lewes (UK) Uckfield (UK)

These funds, when supported by the District Designated Funds and the Foundation Global Grant have enabled us to achieve the minimum required for a Global Grant of $30,000.

In addition, we are in conversation with a number of other clubs who have expressed interest in the project:

Battle (UK) Eastbourne Sovereign (UK) Bexhill (UK)

Finally, having accepted the role of Host Partner, the Rotary Club of Milimani have started to negotiate with other local Nairobi clubs about supporting this initiative.

Visit to Nairobi This report covers the details of the visit to Nairobi by Peter and Elizabeth Williams between August 6th and August 9th, 2018 and covers the following events:

1. Introductory discussions with Mariam Wangui, Past President of the Milimani Club and an informal visit to Rotary Club of Gachie 2. Visit to Sanergy, Centre of Operations, to an installation in the district of Mukuru and to the

Sanergy processing centre in Machako 3. Visit to the Rotary Club of Milimani and presentation by Peter Williams and David Auerbach

(Sanergy) to the club

Discussions with Mariam Wangui This was our first face-to-face meeting, so we needed to developed a common understanding of our objectives and the key action points for progressing the grant application for the proposed project. Mariam has succeeded in gaining Global Grant funding for other projects.

The key points discussed were:

• The objective is to establish a Rotary Foundation Global Grant project

• Heathfield & Waldron Club as the International Partner

• Rotary Club of Milimani to be the Host Partner

• Sanergy to be a partner for the project

In the following two days we agreed how we start the project, the key roles and responsibilities for each party and the major milestones against which we can measure our progress.

On the first day, we made an informal visit to the Rotary Club of Gachie and gave a brief overview of the proposed project. Mariam indicated that this would be a worthwhile project for the club to give funding support.

Visit to Sanergy The attendees were:

• Peter Williams, International Chairman, Heathfield & Waldron Rotary Club and his wife, Elizabeth Williams

• Mariam Wangui, Past President, Milimani Rotary Club

• Beatrice Ombaka, Projects Director, Milimani Club

• David Auerbach, Co-founder, Sanergy

• Louise Couder, Business Development, Sanergy

This visit confirmed that the objective we have set out for the project based on the extensive contact with David Auerbach and Louise Couder over the past 12 months. The project will make a material impact on the lives of the residents of Mukuru informal settlement and help Sanergy to meet their objective of increasing the number of residents served to 200,000. This will bring in economies of scale and reduce the cost to a level that would be lower than that currently incurred by Nairobi City Authorities. At this point it will be feasible for Sanergy to work with the City Authorities and look to provide safe sanitation to other settlements.

A copy of the material presented during the meeting is attached to this report. That presentation gives a detailed overview of Sanergy’s work, their progress to date and their immediate objectives between now and the end of 2020.

Visit to the Rotary Club Milimani

Following lunch and the normal business of the club, Peter Williams was introduced and gave a brief overview to the proposed project, provided a brief history of progress to date plus a statement of the funding raised to date. He then handed over to David Auerbach, who gave an abbreviated version of the presentation from the previous day.

The proposed project and the presentation from David Auerbach were very well received and all agreed that the project was a very worthwhile initiative. The Rotary Club of Milimani fully endorsed the project and accepted their role as Host Partner in the project.

Subsequent email exchange with Beatrice Ombaka has confirmed that they have had a successful meeting with Sanergy, the project will proceed as a Global Grant application and that they will approach other clubs in Nairobi for additional funding.