Join Rotary?

Joining Rotary is it for me? If you’re reading this then you might just want to see a little more – meet with us to find out. So..

How do I become a Rotarian?

Whether you want to become a Rotarian, or just curious about what we do, you are most welcome to come along. In the first instance we ask you to contact and advise us you would like to come to a meeting. We will provision a place for you, and make you most welcome. The meetings take around 2 hours, during which time we enjoy a meal and a drink, general conversation and a brief catch – up on club activities, sometimes we have a speaker. If it’s a committee or club meeting night we will advise you accordingly, as this may go on longer…

What Qualification do I have to have?

Basically none, if you have a sense of purpose, wish to help others, and are in a position to find the time from your career or business – then please contact us, come along, and see what we do..

Why Should I become a Rotarian?

If you’re reading this then you have already answered your own question… You feel that you want to be part of an organisation that helps others, has a very strong social awareness and a personal social side to match. Many Rotarians are friends, with links to other Rotary Clubs that extend hospitality and friendship. Once you are a Rotarian you are part of a global network of Clubs and can visit any club anywhere.

When can I become a Rotarian?

In the first instance contact us, if you already know a Rotarian ask him or her more about us, and if they will arrange for you to come along. You will attend a meeting with us, have a meal and a drink, so as you can see what it’s like. If you like what we do, and you wish to do more, then we will ask you if you wish to become a member. There is no pressure, it may not be what you expect, but if it is – we then propose your membership to all the Club. The whole process takes about a month…

Club Secretary: Colin Harwood - [email protected]